What Can I Do to Prepare for My Referee Class?

What IS a certification class?
It is a class that assures that you know the Laws of the Game well enough to officiate a match. As with ANY certification class, the emphasis is teaching you what you need to know in order to pass the USSF Entry Level examination. While some guidance is offered on "how" to referee, the main point of the class is that you know the laws well enough to step onto the pitch. It is up to you to, over time, develop your own style of officiating.

You don't necessarily need to do too much if you don't want to but there are a few things you can do to make your attendance in one of our classes easier and more enjoyable.

1. You can take a look at the online "course" offered by USSF. Realize that the course you will be taking will be far more extensive than the online offering, but it will give you an introduction to each of the laws you will be studying. To take a look at the class, click here.

2. Be mentally and physically prepared for the class itself. Although the class is primarily a lecture environment, the class days are long. You may need something to eat or drink if it is permitted on site. You will also need a notebook, a pen and a pencil. Have everything ready to go so you don't have to rush around at the last minute. Take care of any work or homework responsibilities for the time-frame of the class as you will do better if you are not distracted or worried about some outside obligations.

3. Feel free to look around the USSF site in the referee section. There are some excellent materials there. Most will be covered in the class, but if you do a small amount of reading beforehand, the questions you ask the instructor will be more informed and to the point.

4. Get a head start on being a referee by applying for your Risk Management Pass. The last thing you want to have happen is graduate from the class and not be able to do any games for a month or longer because you have not yet been cleared by the state association to do their games. Use this link for instructions about the process.

5. Once the class is complete, use the "Other Resources" menu above to get ready for your first game.